EcoPro EP4-A Rice mill

This machine aids in removal of husk and bran layers from paddy rice to produce whole white rice kernels that are sufficiently milled and free from impurities.


EcoPro EP4-A Rice mill is suitable for husking, polishing and milling of Rice paddy. It consists of stainless steel sieve, fan extractor, paddy sieve and can be set to minimize the number of broken rice.

Model EP4-A
Motor 220v/50Hz,1.8-2.2kw,2800 r/min
Production paddy:150~200kg/h,Millet:60-100kg/h, corn:80-120kg/h
Main engine speed 1400-1600 r/min
Applicable materials Paddy Rice Processing, threshing winnowing, sorting and Polishing.
Dimensions (L*W*H) 650*340*980mm
Consumables Stainless steel sieve(167mm Six rhombus)
Package dimensions 650x340x980mm