EP26A Corn Thresher

The process of threshing allows the loosening of the edible part of the grain from the straw to which it is attached.  This gives the client a hassle free process of removing the corn from the cob with ease.


Double Roller Corn-Thresher

EcoPro double roller corn-thresher is suitable for threshing at optimum capacity, efficiently and fast. It threshes various sizes of corn without breaking the kernels.

The hammer roller is made of resistant materials and the machine is completely closed for safety and protection.

Model EP-26A
Motor 220v/50Hz,1.8-2.2kw,2800 r/min
Production Threshes 300-600kg/h
Main engine speed 1400-1600 r/min
Applicable materials Corn
Dimensions (L*W*H) 800*320*700mm
Consumables Roller(550x80mm)
Package dimensions Carton:700x320x700mm